Culturematics to do right now:  

1. Do a "Bud Caddell"

Take a TV show and tweet from within it. 

Tweet as the building manager from New Girl.  What's really going on?

Tweet as the therapist for any character in Don't Trust that b---- in Apartment 23

Tweet as Kalinda's husband in The Good Wife.  Yeah, I know, scary!

2. do a "one a day" challenge

Do the same thing every day (for a month or a year) and document it.

The book describes how this technique was used in by Julie Powell in  her famous replay of Julia Child recipes (Julie and Julia) as well as Gus Powell, the photographer, Scott Schuman, the fashionista, and Frank O'Hara the poet.

Events in the life of the book so far:

Haven't been faithful as a record keeper, but here's another slug of recent events:

Sept. 24  Economic Council, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sept. 25  Herman Miller,  Holland, Michigan
Oct. 2  Grant talks about the future of advertising at AdWeek conference at NASDAQ
Oct. 2  Grant participates on AdWeek launch of The Leadership Collective
Oct. 4  Grant writes a piece for Wired about Reality TV
Oct. 5  Brian Moylan on, in reply to Wired essay
Oct. 6.  Andrew Sullivan blog on Huffington Post, The Dish, a summary of the Reality TV argument


Oct. 7.  Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper, on the state of high-end retail.  
Oct. 8 Blog post on HBR on millennials in exile

Oct. 17    Royal Mail presentation                             London
Oct. 17    Royal Mail presentation                             London

Oct. 18    CreativeMorning presentation                   London
Oct. 18    Brainjuicer talk                                           London
Oct. 19    Barclays Bank presentation                       London
Oct. 19    interview at Monocle Magazine                 London
Oct. 20    TYPO presentation                                    London
Oct. 23    Brainjuicer talk review Contagious Mag.    London
Oct. 23  Design Management Institute keynote

Oct. 25    USC Institute of Innovation                        Los Angeles
Oct. 30    Ontario College of Art and Design prez     Toronto
Oct. 30    Institute of Canadian Advertising prez       Toronto
Oct. 30    Lowe Roche presentation                          Toronto

[no records Aug. through Sept.]

Aug. 01  Book manuscript finished

Feb. 22  CMA talk, Toronto 
Mar. 20  Federal Reserve prez
Mar. 20  copy hidden RichmondVA
Mar. 23  Fast Company coverage 
Mar. 23  Essence of Cool talk
Mar. 24  7 copies hiddenAmsterdam
Mar. 26  Publisher's weekly review!
Mar. 27  TEDxHarlem talk 
Mar. 30  PSFK talk NYC here
Apr.  4   1 copy hidden midwest
Apr.  5   This site = 100 members!
Apr. 10  Culturematic gets a mention in Philips newsletter here.   
Apr. 11  MTV places bulk order for copies of Culturematic.
Apr. 12  Sample chapter download released here.  
Apr. 12  Grant does lecture @ SVA
Apr. 16  GM interviewed by Pip 
Apr. 17  Culturematic event NYC
Apr. 24  Kindle version out today 
Apr. 25  Amazon now shipping!
Apr. 27  Talking at MTV
May  5  speaking Boston Innovation Challenge Harvard Innovation Lab
May 7  talking Herman Miller
May 9  Change This Manifesto here
May 14 Innovation Leadership Network mention here.
May 14  NPR campaign begins
May 14  More Fast Company coverage here
May 15  Culturematic in bookstores
May 16  speaking Sea Island, GA
May 17  HBR Tweet event (whew!)
May 23  Influx Conference, NYC 
May 25  1st book (one from W+K Amsterdam) phones home!
May 31  Harvard BRP interview
June 6,  great review by Tac Anderson at NewCommBiz here
June 7  the Forbes review!
June 8  speaking at SEGD 
June 17 kind words
June 18 bad review
June 19 good review
June 19 good review
June 21 speaking at How Design
July 10 Weber Shandwick interview
July 17  CMO strategy meeting, Chicago
July 20, NPR Interview
July 25  Ford Foundation
July 26  Brainjuicer book club presentation


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Culturematic Discovery: The world can't get enough of Vin Diesel

237 days ago, inspired by Culturematic and Grant's dedication to and determined to start my own experiment, I landed on a blog.  It is called The Narcissistic Anthropologist (  The goal:  practice applying socio-cultural insights to my observations and experience with consumer culture and write in a way that makes these insights interesting and accessible to humans that exist outside my professional sphere.

You see, I remain convinced that there is a true craving for human understanding out there and that with the right motivation we can get people to think more about the context of their consumption and perhaps become a bit more enlightened in the process.  

As a practicing Consumer Anthropologist, I design strategy and research programs for corporate clients and had fallen in to this trap that researchers tend to fall in to of trying too hard to sound smart.  This ultimately  causes deliverables to miss the point of doing this work in the first place:  getting clients to empathize with their customer's context or the general context of humanity in a way that inspires action.   So, I thought that by forcing myself to write a blog post everyday in plain-old vernacular, without over-thinking it (I limited myself to 30 minutes TOPS in terms of a daily time commitment) I would end up forcing a fine-tuned skill set.

So far, at blog 237 I think I have achieved that goal. And I thought perhaps I might also end up with a collection of observations / anthropological insights and data that I could use to populate a book - or at least for a premise.  As it turns out there are definitely a few themes that have emerged and I am excited to be seeing that come together.

Other results:

About 187ish days in I wrote a post about a…


Posted by Jamie Gordon on January 8, 2013 at 3:31pm

How to shop lift and shop leave at the Thrift store

Friday, I left a copy of Culturematic at the Thrift store in Stamford, Connecticut.  

I felt a little odd leaving a copy on their library shelf.  A kind of reverse shop lifting.  Shop leaving?

But, really, it's win, er, win.  The thrift store gets a little notice.  

If someone buys the book, it gets a little more revenue.  

So, yes, I am using the store for my promotional purposes, but the store is getting notice and revenue in return.   

The culturematic strategy: finding a place in contemporary culture which may be occupied without injury to one's own advantage.

All unconscious symbolism is acknowledged here and of course bitterly regretted.

Posted by Grant McCracken on October 8, 2012 at 1:22pm

Culturematic on Instagram (Thank you, Stacy Tarver)

Posted by Grant McCracken on September 18, 2012 at 11:27am

Culturematic makes the Irish Times

Culturematic gets a good review in the Irish Times!

Posted by Grant McCracken on September 16, 2012 at 10:41pm

Doug Benson makes a culturematic

One culturematic strategy: taking up residence in someone else's cultural creation (aka content).

The classic example used in the book: Bud Caddell tweets from inside Mad Men.

Second example from the book: celebrity autobiography.

This example: Doug Benson invites smart asses to come and add a voice over commentary to a film.  It's content within content.  Or, if you prefer, content riding on content.  In any case, existing culture becomes the platform for new culture.

And in this case, everyone gets smarter and more alert about the culture they consume.   

For more details, please click here.  

Posted by Grant McCracken on July 4, 2012 at 1:02pm


Culturematic Zine

I created this zine, teaming together Boston music and Pie -- RADICAL DIFFERENTIATION!I thought, what if I combine two of my favorite things - rather - how can I combine two of my favorite things to…Continue

Started by Montana Hauser Sep 19, 2013.

A thread about the book 1 Reply

I've begun a thread about the book here:'d…Continue

Started by Barrett Dorko. Last reply by Barrett Dorko Aug 18, 2012.


Grant goes it. Again .. really enjoyed Culturmatic. Still…Continue

Started by Dave McCaughan Jul 6, 2012.

I spy with my little eye...

I think I observed a culturematic on Swedish morning TV today: A guy who rode his motorbike 900 miles in Sweden in search of the swedish identity. He's originally from a middle east country and has…Continue

Started by Patrik Sander Göth Jun 5, 2012.


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